Residents urged to get involved to stop crime

The  Richmond Police Department held a 4th Precinct Problem Solving and Sector Training Workshop Saturday Nov.  22 at Linwood Holton Elementary.
Several dozen residents attended the workshop, which focused on solving public safety issues in the 4th Precinct, which includes many neighborhoods in Richmond’s North Side.

The residents broke into work groups by sector – 411, 412 and 413 – and identified issues that needed targeted intervention. Among the issues identified: drug selling, drug usage, loitering, burglaries, speeding, truancy, prostitution, panhandlers.

Each sector formulated specific goals and timelines for action.

Participants living in Sector 412, which includes the North Central Civic Association neighborhoods, plan to have a followup meeting Dec. 10 at the Fourth Precinct building, in the Community Room.

Some takeaways:
Get involved. Develop relationships with the police and neighbors.  Call to report issues. Stay on public agencies to get something done.

A neat new tool to track crime
happening in your neighborhood is at:

Plug in your address to see what is happening nearby. You can also sign up to get emails when situations happen near your address.

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