Sept. 13 meeting recap

Cybelle and Derek McDaniels  spoke about revitalization of Brookland Park Boulevard.

The McDaniels have started a nonprofit, Nehemiah Community Development Corporation, that aims to collaborate with the community to “bring about physical transformation of the corridor.”

 A coffee shop and bike coop are in the works. A bike ride fundraiser is 2 pm Oct. 18.

A “nearly new” yard sale fundraiser is planned for November.

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Abbey Phillips of Del. JenniferMcClellan’s office provided an overview of where things stand on Medicaid expansion. She also provided handouts on other important pieces of legislation, including the voter ID law, which is now in effect.

Upcoming NCCA events

General membership meeting: Nov. 8, 9:30 a.m., at Ken and Randy’s home at 3226 Fendall Avenue. General membership meeting; focus is on new board officer candidates. People interested in assuming leadership positions within the organization are welcome.

Holiday events: Christmas Round Robin, Dec. 15; Tacky Lights Tour, Dec. 18; Christmas caroling in the park, Dec. 22

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